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High Level

  • Separate skill tree Dendron
  • Declare the vision
  • User flow
  • UI Diagrams

The Procedure

Actual TODO List


  • Explain how a computer can copy the behaviors of your digital persona
  • Explain why this metadata and self hosting is useful is useful
    • DIY Tiwtter, Facebook, Youtube algorithm
      • Custom feeds, meta social media
    • See who views your social media
    • Query your history across all apps at once
    • Sythensize conversations with the same person, or gorup across social media
    • Migrate a community from facebook, keybase2.0

The Dentropy Daemon is a suite of software that is meant to evolve from the applications we use into an AI compantion. By collecting all data an individual produces algorithims can create models of a users behavior, an algorithmic reflection. This algorithnic reflection can be observed by the individual with options to change settings in the software suite to help optimize their life.

The Dentropy Daemon is a software suite that provides tools for generating an algoithmic reflection for the purpose of behavior modification and optimization.

The goal of Dentropy Cloud is to make running server applications as desirable, secure, and as easy as installing an app on a phone.


  • Research examples of vision statements


  1. Denropy Daemon TODO
  2. Dentropy Cloud Project Plan